Friday, May 31, 2013

Bye Bye New York

We have made it safely to San Diego, CA! But, before you hear anything about that you have to hear all about our last days in NY...

Our last few days in Syracuse were filled with packing and goodbyes (which BOTH suck). I got to spend lots of time hugging and kissing my two little nieces who I miss more than anything already. Elise was very confused as to why everyone was crying before Dan and I left and kept telling us that, "everything is okay" and that, "we will see Bee next week." When I asked her if she would miss me she replied, "no, I am a big girl." I LOVE HER! All of our family and friends have been so supportive and encouraging and we are going to miss everyone...just not NY ;)

Do these kids have killer eyes or what?!

Nothing makes me happier than the smile on this kids face!!! She was having so much fun towing "Uncle Dan" around!

My big happy family <3

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  1. Bee, these photos are beautiful! Thanks for the morning tears lol We love you to the moon!