Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Smoothie Cleanse: Day Two

Well, I fell asleep last night thinking about baked ziti and at 5:30 when I woke up not only was I hungry but it still sounded delicious. I'm glad my office has a vitamix there so I can just eat breakfast at work.

8:00AM - Sneaky Spinach Smoothie
FINALLY breakfast time! This recipe was my favorite so far (until dinner). Around 10:30 I was definitely hungry and even more so at noon when everyone was heating up/bring in their lunches. It's hard to be excited about your fifth smoothie in the past 32 hours when everyone else is eating pizza, greek food, sandwiches, and macaroons!

1:00PM - The Sunshine Smoothie
When I was preparing my lunches for the week, this is one that I wasn't very excited about. I am not the biggest fan of pineapple but this ended up being really good and I won't mind having it for breakfast again on Thursday. By the time lunch came around I was ready to crash. I figured I would do lunch at one o'clock so it was in the middle of my day and I would be able to make it home before gnawing off my arm!

7:15PM - Chocolate Avocado Goddess
By the time I got to crossfit at 6 I was...hANGRY! I hardly had time to even scratch the surface of everything I had to do at work, I hate leaving things until the next day, and the smoothie I had at lunch was not doing me any good five hours later. I'm calling BS on all those people blogging about how satisfied they were drinking only smoothies. It's all lies! It's a good thing I am blogging about this and I have the accountability or I would probably be elbo deep in a vat of...peanut butter...steak...pancakes...anything I don't have to drink through a straw! Crossfit is awesome. By the time I left I was feeling better and excited to have smoothie number three for the day. This smoothie BLEW MY MIND. Seriously the best thing I have ever tasted. It was like puddingfrostingcakeheavenlove. Please for your own sake, make this smoothie. Two days down and three to go. I've got this!

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